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Message from the Author
Ninth Anniversary 2024

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 Connie Kwan-Wong

CEO and Publisher of CKW LUXE Magazine

In this, our ninth anniversary edition, we have been intent on bringing self-fulfillment to the forefront. It is my sincere belief that each of us has the power to be our true selves and accomplish the goals we set out for ourselves. I also believe it is necessary to take this journey with good intentions: being kind, being generous, being helpful, being open to other cultures and points of view, being forgiving, and being accepting. Our path to self-fulfillment doesn’t come at the expense of others, but in tandem with others. It is a reciprocal process that allows all parties to be successful.

This year’s Top 20 Impact Makers are true examples of individuals, organizations, couples, and families who have found self-fulfillment while making a positive impact on their communities and the people in them. I offer my congratulations to them all on their achievements and being named 2024 Top 20 Impact Makers. It is the belief of CKW LUXE that everyone has a role to play in the betterment of the community and that it is important to celebrate those whose efforts have achieved positive and lasting results.

I am delighted to announce that in 2024, we debuted two new Top 20 Impact Makers Awards:

The CKW LUXE Impactful Corporation Award. It is presented to corporations that are not only leaders in their field, but that are also good community members involved in community outreach, charitable giving, and community improvement. As such, they become integral to the community’s well-being and advocates for its betterment.

The CKW LUXE Caring Family Award. It is presented to families who have become an intrinsic part of the community through their involvement with civic-minded activities, cultural endeavors, and organizations whose purpose it is to improve the lives of individuals within the community.

As well in 2024, CKW LUXE is presenting weekly chess workshops for kids. Marie Antoinette San Diego, Woman International Master, will be instructing beginner and intermediate/advanced classes. CKW LUXE will also be presenting weekly conversational Spanish workshops, reading and writing workshops, and theater workshops for kids. These fun-filled classes are open to children from seven to twelve years of age, and parents can apply for a scholarship for their children to attend free of charge.

CKW LUXE believes everyone deserves the opportunity to find self-fulfillment, no matter their age or circumstance. That is why it is important to us to sponsor community activities, celebrate one another, and offer articles in our magazine that encourage and support individual dreams. I hope you find our ninth anniversary edition inspiring and that it brings us even more closely together as a caring community.

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