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Message from the Author

Winter - Spring 2018

 Connie Kwan-Wong

CEO and Publisher of CKW LUXE Magazine

Photography by Célia Abreu

Happy 2018 to all our readers and supporters:

A new year is like a blank book. With the pen in our hands, it’s our time to write a beautiful story for ourselves. When we start with good intentions, we can make our dreams come true!

Never think that in this vast world you or anyone else is too small to make a significant difference. We are all capable of changing the lives of others for the better. It’s the simple things: a smile, a kind word, a hug, or a helpful gesture that can lift up someone in need. It is my belief that it is neither status, money, nor power that brings us true happiness. Helping others by sharing our blessings with them is what will bring us inner peace and everlasting happiness.

Because I am a true believer in, and avid supporter of, children’s charities, and because I’m concerned with the welfare of all children, I decided to feature children on the cover of our first issue of the New Year. What better way is there to look forward to and plan our next 365 days than by celebrating children and honoring them with our cover? The world is becoming an increasingly complicated place, and those who can’t speak for themselves need our support now more than ever.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and one that is full of blessings.


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