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Miraval Austin: 
Where Wellbeing Begins

Nestled within the rolling hills overlooking tranquil Lake Travis, 20 miles west of the cosmopolitan city of Austin, the luxurious Miraval Austin resort and spa offers guests a path to heightened wellbeing. Only a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Houston, this natural sanctuary presents wellness with a Texas twist. Its wide range of experiences, imbued with Austin’s unique culture, are designed to help participants create a life in balance. Walking through the resort’s welcoming doors, we are invited to engage in “wellness with a purpose.”

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There are a variety of ways to take part in the resort’s offerings. One is the Miraval unlimited package, which includes unlimited hiking, group fitness classes, yoga, meditation, healthful meals, full access to its extensive resort amenities and spa facilities, and much more. Rooms and suites are modern spa-inspired spaces designed for rest and renewal. It also includes nightly resort credits that can be applied toward spa services, fee-based activities, and private sessions. 

For those planning a day trip, there is the Relax and Renew Escape package. It provides full access to the Life in Balance Spa, the fitness center, the Life in Balance Culinary Kitchen workshops, unlimited participation in daily activities such as yoga, meditation, and wellness seminars, and daily resort credit. Complimentary smoothies and coffee bar at The Nest and a gourmet lunch in the Hilltop Crossings Kitchen are added bonuses.


Miraval Austin specializes in journeys with intention believing intentions put us in the center of the wellness experience. The journey begins with setting an intention, whether it be relaxation, reconnecting with family, mental wellness, leadership fulfillment, fitness focus, outdoor adventure, or something else. The next step in the process is to explore the various wellness, spa, and culinary experiences on the resort’s website. The final step is to consult with a Miraval experience planner.


An integral part of a Miraval Austin stay is the Life in Balance Spa with treatments for mind, body, and soul. Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine from India that balances the mind-body-spirit connection is available in various treatment forms. Body renewal rituals in a variety of types cleanse, nourish, and heal skin by soothing and protecting it. Nāga, developed from the healing principles of Thai bodywork, integrates hanging silks utilized by a therapist to deepen stretches and restore healthy blood circulation; ease energy blockage, pain, and tension; and improve flexibility and postural alignment. The Sacred Sounds Massage supports restoration and relaxation using vibrational sound and the resonance of a therapeutic bowl. Numerous other spa treatments are available to meet the needs of everyone.

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Taking part in outdoor pursuits is a must in this exquisite natural setting. Activities like the challenge course, hiking, climbing, and horseback riding are designed to make the most of benefiting from the resort’s beautiful surroundings. A guest favorite is a visit to Miraval’s onsite farm. Here, visitors can commune with the fields of fresh crops, as well as the chickens, that provide the produce and eggs for the farm-to-table restaurant. The onsite apiary offers an introductory beekeeping workshop that instructs guests on how to work a hive and the wonderful world of bees. 


Fitness classes like ride and release, bike to the barre, cardio drumming, and aqua barre rejuvenate and sculpt the body as well as strengthen muscles and organs. Guests can also have a little fun with line dancing classes. Easy steps, performed in unison as a group, are accompanied by the tunes of Austin.


While strengthening our bodies is important, so is the fuel needed to keep us going. With that in mind, nutrition is also front and center at Miraval Austin. Some of the nutrition seminars include how to curb inflammation with food, solutions for stress eating, food meditation, and mindful grocery shopping. Food preparation activities take the form of learning how to make a balanced smoothie, creating vegan desserts, and preparing energy elixirs.


Yoga is another essential and highly evolved aspect of this energizing resort. Combining reiki with yoga, Yin Reiki Yoga offers physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Tapping into the Austin vibe, Tex Zen Yoga matches yoga sequences with the mellow tunes of Willie Nelson. Slow Flow Yoga and Empowered Flow Yoga offer the yin to one another’s yang for two different experiences. Employing aerial yoga silk, Restorative Aerial Yoga enhances and assists yoga stretches to achieve physical, mental, and emotional relaxation through gentle suspension.

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When it comes to meditation, Miraval Austin has a variety of offerings to consider. One of the most soothing is Floating Meditation. There are also Crystal Bowl Chakra Meditation, Yoga Nidra Meditation, and many other types to choose from. Other opportunities for inner reflection are: Walking the Labyrinth, a metaphor for our sacred journey to self-awareness; Decoding Desires, which offers a way to find peace when we are overwhelmed; and Introduction to Tarot, which illustrates how Tarot cards help us explore the meaning of events in our lives.

Practicing digital mindfulness is integral to Miraval Austin. With the exception of designated locations, it is a digital device-free space where the Miraval experience can be enjoyed fully and free of distraction.


Guests arrive at Miraval Austin with a clear intention in mind. That intention is mapped out in activities meant to realize its greatest potential. Utilizing its many resources, from exercise, to meditation and nutrition, the resort provides guests with a fully developed experience that takes them beyond their imaginings. In so doing, Miraval Austin not only gives its guests what they came for, it provides them with the tools they need to continue their journey of well-being after they have left.

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