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Every woman wants to feel beautiful, and there are lots of amazing products and beauty regimens available to help her. We read tantalizing articles inviting us to buy merchandise we hope will do just that, and, as a result, we race out to buy the latest serum for our skin and colors for our lips and eyes. When we come home, we realize our cabinets are full to overflowing. So how do we know which beauty products to keep and how to organize them? Here are a few suggestions:


  • Sort all the products into categories

  • Discard expired products: mascara after about three months, makeup after about one year, hair products after about three years

  • Discard products that didn't work well or didn’t make you feel beautiful

  • You know you’ll never use that freebie from the container at the department store makeup counter that’s been sitting in the back of the drawer since 2012, so toss it!

  • Get rid of items that don’t cause you joy, just clutter

  • Consider different storage options like:

    • Acrylic makeup drawers that allow you to see what you have, and, at the same time, keep your products clean

    • Drawer organizers to sort makeup and beauty products into similar categories so they’re easier to find

    • Fun magnetic wall boards so you can see and access see your makeup with ease

    • Colorful labelled containers to store beauty products in your cabinet

    • Door organizers that provide an excellent storage option if you’re short on cabinet or drawer space

  • Visit for more of my ideas on organization and storage                            


Beauty products are fun and can give us confidence, but the most important tips I can offer to help you feel and look more beautiful are to show the world your smile, have a positive outlook on life, and help others. If you find you don't have enough joy or peace to bring out your smile then consider looking within your heart. Are there memories you need to get rid of, people you need to forgive, or a current difficult situation you need to overcome? Just as we must organize the products that make us beautiful on the outside, we must take stock of our feelings and discard the things that don’t bring us joy while embracing those that allow our inner beauty to shine.


To help you unclutter and organize your home, I am available. To unclutter your heart from harmful elements, surround yourself with people who will lift you up and guide you in your journey.






Lisa Giesler,

Professional Organizer, Speaker, and Author of Uncluttered: Discovering Strength And Purpose In The Chaos Of Life


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