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Susan and Dan Boggio

Top 20 Power Couple Impact Maker Award

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Saturday, January 5, 2019

The Ballroom at Bayou Place

Susan and Dan Boggio are well known in the Houston community for their deep compassion toward animals and children. Due to their lifelong dedication to assisting suffering animals and their numerous contributions to the Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) Capital Campaign, for its new animal shelter and other ongoing projects, the shelter’s welcome center was named after them. As well, a school building in Piyali Junction, India will soon be named in their honor. The philanthropic couple have made significant contributions to PACE Universal, including sponsoring many children for the school, being the lead donors to the building fund, and contributing services for its general design and community layout.

Susan Boggio has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. From there, she went on to study comparative religion and philosophy at other universities, including Oxford, where she took a graded course in ethics. Her final paper addressed the topic of secular versus non-secular ethical philosophies, pro and con, on animal welfare and rights from ancient times to the present.

Dan Boggio is a graduate of Lawrence Technical Institute and the president and founder of PBK Architects Inc., an award-winning architectural planning and design firm with its headquarters in Houston. With 11 offices in the United States and one international office in Beijing, PBK is one of the largest architectural firms in the United States.

Dan and Susan often work together in their charitable efforts. They have assisted with many projects at Interfaith Ministries, including Interfaith Dinner Dialogues, aniMeals on Wheels, and its Refugees Services department. Together, Susan and Dan also funded housing needs for survivors of human trafficking through the City of Houston in 2017. In 2016, the couple funded Friends of Integrative Medicine at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. They are also on the Board of Regents of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.

The couple have been co-recipients of many awards and honors. At the recent 2017 Annual Gala Dinner at the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics at St. Stephen’s College, Oxford University, they were the guests of honor for their initial and ongoing support of the center and the work of founder/director, Dr. Andrew Linzey. Together, they were honored in September of 2018 at the Houston PetSet Soirée; were named by Texas Children’s Hospital as one of the 2014 Champions for Children; were honored by the Children’s Assessment Center (CAC) in April of 2012 for their contributions to the organization, which works with sexually abused children; received the 2011 Interfaith Ministries For All Humanity award, and were honored by CAP with the Melcher Humanitarian Award in 2010.

Susan’s philanthropic work focuses on human and animal welfare and support. Separately and together, she and Dan work to make significant changes in saving and changing human and animal lives in the most beneficial ways possible. As such, Susan has worked, and continues to work, tirelessly for a number of honorable causes. Currently, Susan is chairman of the board of directors for UNICEF-USA, Southwest Region, of which she has been a member since 2007; an ongoing CAP ambassador and member of CAP’s advisory board; a member of PACE Universal’s advisory board; a member of PetSet’s advisory board; and a member of BARC Foundation’s board of directors.

In recognition of Susan’s vast contribution to the Houston and world communities, she has received numerous awards and honors. The following is a small sample of the most current: honored at the 2017 Interfaith Ministries Best Friends Brunch for the aniMeals program; named one of Houston’s 50 Most Influential Women by Houston Woman Magazine; and named a Woman of Distinction 2012 by the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.

Dan is passionate about making the world a better place for children and others through education, safety, and the provision of basic life needs here and around the world. To support his passion, Dan has served on many charitable boards over the years. Currently, Dan is on the board of citizens for CAP and on the board of advisors for Interfaith Ministries, for which his firm provides much architectural support. In light of the increased school shootings in Texas and around the country, Dan has recently formed a unique safety commission for those seeking advice on safety and security in schools, and he and his firm are donating multiple resources to build a Child Legacy vocational center in Malawi and a community center in Rwanda through partnership with Journeyman International.  

Dan and Susan Boggio understand how important it is to protect, support, and comfort the innocents of our world and selflessly give of their time and compassion to do so.

It is for all the reasons mentioned above, and many more, that Susan and Dan Boggio have been named a Top 20 Power Couple Impact Maker for 2019.

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