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Thanksgiving Is Celebrated Early at

Boys & Girls Harbor


Photography by Mai Le

On November 5, 2017, CKW LUXE, CKW Foundation, and Connie Kwan-Wong and her devoted team of volunteers visited Boys & Girls harbor for a vibrant pre-Thanksgiving celebration. It was an afternoon of enjoying music and participating in fun activities for over 60 children.

Participants were entertained by artist Hanh Tran of Hanh Gallery; musician Daren Hightower, president and founder of the Children’s Music Foundation; and the soulful rock ‘n roll group The Atomic Nightingales. Volunteers included Dr. Teresa Cox Reading; Dr. Diana Collins; Corla Young; Mai Le; Vy Le; Alice Kwok; Thanh Luu; 5-year-old May Le; and Connie Kwan-Wong’s 3-year-old daughter, Zoe Wong.

Connie Kwan-Wong believes that helping children express their individual creativity through art and music isn’t just fun, it’s also an effective and enjoyable way to enhance their self-esteem, especially through times of hardship. The mission of Boys & Girls Harbor is to provide healthy comprehensive care for children and families in crisis. With the support of CKW LUXE, the CKW Foundation, and Connie Kwan-Wong and her enthusiastic team, the organization hosted a memorable day that allowed the creative spirit of these children to shine.

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