Two Solitary Worlds



Writer: Shannon McKirchy 

General Editor: Margaret MacMillan

Publisher: Connie Kwan-Wong


Young artists, Elena Qian and Eddie Chen, presented the exhibition “Two Solitary Worlds” benefiting the Aspiration Foundation Sunday afternoon, November 10, 2019.


Over one hundred people flocked to Hanh Gallery in West University Place to witness and support the emerging talent of the two artists. The intimate space was filled with vibrant pieces utilizing various mediums from charcoal to oil and acrylic work. Original artworks were sold during the exhibition, as well as fine arts souvenirs including t-shirts and stationery items. All proceeds were donated to the Aspiration Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to providing art educational opportunities for children from underserved communities.


Mayor Turner’s Office recognized both artists with an award for their spirit of compassion for others, serving as outstanding role models for their peers, and being an inspiration for others. These high school seniors are becoming accustomed to sharing this intimate part of their creative lives, but this exhibit gave them the opportunity to showcase their work and share their passion with the public.


About the Artists


Elena Qian has been interested in art since her early childhood. She began art school at an early age, but ultimately decided to leave to practice independently. While classes improved her technique, she felt they restricted her creativity. After meeting artist Ray Jiang who took notice of her aptitude and appreciated her work, she was encouraged to continue to pursue her craft. Elena’s pieces are expressionistic, complex, and have a free-spirited quality. She also designs and makes jewelry after attending the Pre-college Jewelry Design Program at the Rhode Island School of Design. Elena plans to continue to pursue art and develop her company, 528 Fashion, where she sells other people’s work.


Eddie Chen is a senior at Elkins High School. At a young age, He was inspired to start drawing by his artistic grandfather. Eddie has studied art at Mr. Yaowu Zhang’s Art Studio for over a decade and specializes in graphite sketches and color pencil drawings, but has begun experimenting with painting in oil. While the craft didn’t come easily to him for many years, he now finds drawing to be a relaxing endeavor and considers it a big part of who he is. Eddie’s artwork has won an award and been published by various media.


Both artists are members of the Aspiration Foundation’s Youth Artist’s Club where they volunteer to assist kids in art workshops and help inspire others with their artistic talent.


About the Aspiration Foundation


Aspiration Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to providing and improving art education opportunities for needy children who have suffered under difficult circumstances, such as poverty, a rare disability, a disaster, or living as a refugee. They provide workshops and after school programs. The foundation strives to teach children to enjoy the deeper forms of beauty and the importance of being creative. For the last two years, Aspiration Foundation has served the Houston area and helped enrich the lives of children in rural parts of the world. Their goal is that one day every child will have the opportunity to learn and follow their own artistic passion.


The following members of Houston’s artistic community sponsored the event: Hanh Gallery, Extraordinary Studio, Yaowu Zhang Art Center, Ray Jiang Studio, Zhong Jia, Shaobo Du.