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By Connie Kwan-Wong   |    Photography by Mike Charlton      |     Date: December 3, 2015


World renowned British Haute Perfumer Roja Dove visited Houston December 3rd for a unique evening ‘in conversation’ with guests at Maison Luisant in Highland Village, sharing his expert knowledge with insight to discovering the perfect holiday scent to benefit Be An Angel.

KHOU News anchor Lily Jang was honored at the event as Maison Luisant ‘Timeless Beauty Icon,’ dressed in Samera Faridi. The event celebrated the ‘inner beauty’ of every woman.  Maison Luisant translates as shimmering light with a mission to bring luxury beauty to all this Christmas.


Guests experienced an enchanting festive evening of indulgence produced by Chellew Productions, with champagne and light bites offered by Del Frisco’s Grille, theatrical ‘Roja’ stories presented through ‘performance art,’ while enjoying the beautiful setting of the Boutique’s Salon and Spa designed to captivate and showcase products as art objects. 

Architectural antiquities abound.  Rare circa 1929 Chandeliers from New York’s Plaza Hotel cast light over the venetian platter walls and ceilings. A 125 year old carved 12 foot French Doors reclaimed in Paris, from a period building on famed Rue Francois, will provide the Mise-en-scene for the presentation. 


Acclaimed for creating the finest fragrances, Roja Dove dramatically redefines luxury and sophistication in perfumery for the modern age, celebrated as the most knowledgeable in his field.  His creations enjoyed by many, to include Royalty, Roja says, “are resolutely modern: I can only hope that people love them enough that they will survive, and maybe inspire a future generation of perfumers.”


During the evening Maison Louisant presented Roja Perfums Auod Creations captivated by the exoticism of the Middle East, rich and exotic secret pleasure, along with his Imperial Scents, and Vogue magazine favorite Essence of Christmas Candle.   These were personified through Neal Hamil models who interacted with guests representing Hollywood regency glamour styled in Miles David Atelier by David Peck and Sameera Faridi. The event showstopper is the product ROJA “My Perfume” an exclusive limited edition scent complete with collectable bottle and white lacquered box.  Created with all of Roja’s favorite ingredients including gold leaf, celebrated at the event with a speciality cake by Edible Moments.


Maison Luisant CEO Eric Reiner generously donated a percentage of ROJA retail proceeds to support the mission of the charity and help improve the quality of life for children with multiple disabilities, with a donation of $1,000 to Be An Angel. After a lifetime of being severely disabled with life threatening consequences Angel Sarah Hughes glowed radiantly in Sameera Faridi gold gown demonstrating the angelic hope for those suffering with disabilities.

Funds raised will benefit the holiday gift program providing toys to 5,000 under privileged children and paediatric equipment including electric wheelchairs, feeding pumps and leg braces among other essential items needed by families.


Maison Luisant is dedicated to the craft and art form of creating a personal aura for clients, celebrating what makes each client captivating.  They are mothers, career women, teachers,  and friends, each possessing their own unique personal image, inspired by the living of life.


CEO Eric Reininger comments,  “Louisant’ is inspired by the color of the sea of St. Tropez, and translates to shimmering in French, a clue to the brands focus on a renewal of artistic principals to create an experience few have encountered in beauty and aesthetics. To illuminate both beauty and the inner light of our client is a principle we believe in, therefore this collaboration with Roja Perfumes combines with philanthropy is the perfect way to celebrate true ‘beauty’s its fullest sense the beginning of the holiday season."



For more information about Maison Luisant or Roja products please visit   


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