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Aurora Award

Andrew Ledet: A Young Man Dedicated to Serve Who Understands the Importance of the Little Things

CKW Luxe is proud to announce that Andrew Ledet is our honoree for the Aurora Award. This award goes to a youth who has inspired greatness in others.

“One who acts only to advance his own position can never succeed, as the only true successes are those which benefit others.” – Andrew Ledet

Andrew Ledet is a 17-year-old student and Ignation Scholarship recipient at Strake Jesuit College Preparatory with a straight A average. As a freshman in 2013, Andrew served as a Strake Jesuit student ambassador and was elected to the Lunch with Leaders Council while on the tennis and lacrosse teams. He continued playing lacrosse for Strake Jesuit until his senior season when he began fostering a new interest in digital media. At that time he began working as a camera man and distribution head for the student-run Strake Jesuit Educational Television news program.

Community service is in Andrew’s blood and is an important part of who he is. He has been involved in many service-oriented clubs at Strake Jesuit, including Athletes Taking Action; The Key Club, where he serves as service-point coordinator; and the National Honor Society, where he serves as secretary.

Andrew started his life of service long before high school. At the young age of five, he began volunteering at St. Dominic Village, a senior care community, taking snacks and distributing mail to the residents there. There were many more activities for him to take part in, and he did so with enthusiasm. Andrew’s devotion to St. Dominic’s continues to this day, and he has introduced many of his friends to the facility in the process. In 2013, he and a large group of them helped run its Halloween festival. Andrew’s time at St. Dominic’s has taught him you don’t necessarily need to go to elaborate measures, or travel great distances, to make a lasting impact. People in your own community need your help, too. Sometimes all it takes is friendly conversation and a smile to make their day better.

Andrew has also been fortunate enough to work extensively with Braes Interfaith Ministries, which provides physical, spiritual and emotional assistance to persons in need. In 2014 and 2015, he ran the school supplies table and helped to distribute food, clothes, and toiletries. During the summer of 2016, Andrew had the pleasure of volunteering as a counselor at the Spike ‘n’ Wave summer camp, which offers a safe and fun residential camping experience for children and teens living with epilepsy. Here he helped lead and care for a cabin of eight 12-year-old boys. And this past March, Andrew was selected to lead Strake Jesuit’s Key Club’s involvement in a new tutoring program for underprivileged children in the Sharpstown area. Through this program, Andrew hopes to help even more young people realize their full potential.

Andrew has also had the opportunity to help run several retreats at Strake Jesuit. He served as a grounds crew member for the 2014 Freshman Retreat and helped lead the Crusader Crew Leadership Retreat in 2016. Crusader Crew, another organization Andrew is highly involved in, guides the freshmen through orientation and their freshman year, helping them adjust to life in high school so they can flourish in their new environment.

Andrew’s most extensive service and leadership is within the world of business. He has served as a co-founder and leader of many business-oriented activities, such as The DECA Idea Challenge, which strives to find innovative solutions to environmental issues; the Sports Investment Club, which teaches its members to make money through investing in sports merchandise; and the Future Business Leaders of America, which teaches leadership skills to high school students in order to prepare them for the working world.

Along with three friends, Andrew co-founded the Krispy Krusader Donut Shop, where he serves as manager and head of capital formation. Krispy Krusader is a nonprofit organization that buys donuts and kolache from other businesses and resells them on the Strake Jesuit Campus. The store’s entire profits go toward a Krispy Krusader scholarship. Over $3,000 in profits have already been realized.
Andrew considers himself fortunate to have had so many opportunities to serve others while doing the things he enjoys. He has also been fortunate to have strong role models in his life who have taught him the importance of service, and he hopes to continue making a profound impact on the lives of those around him.

Here is some advice from Andrew on how to become a world changer: “The greatest impact you have will be in areas you are interested in, because you will be more dedicated to the cause if it is something you enjoy. Adjust your service to your passions, not the other way around. It is also important to dream big, but don’t underestimate the impact of small actions — sometimes a small gesture can change a person’s day. With this attitude, you can be a world changer every day.”

CKW Luxe would like to congratulate Andrew Ledet on being the Aurora Award honoree. As the embodiment of the award, Andrew inspires others through his actions of kindness and generosity. He understands small things can initiate great changes and that a positive gesture can transform another person’s life. If we all follow his example, what a difference we can make. CKW Luxe would also like to wish Andrew all the best as a member of The Class of 2017.

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