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Shooting Star

Tiffany Ajumobi: A Determined Young Woman with an Abundance of Community Spirit

CKW Luxe is proud to announce that Tiffany Ajumobi is our honoree for the Shooting Star Award. This award recognizes the young people who pave the way for themselves. They have shown extraordinary effort in the pursuit of a particular goal and have influenced the community for the better.

“If you don’t make your mark, no else will.”– Tiffany Ajumobi

Tiffany says this of her quote, “I ‘borrowed’ this quote from a speaker at our school, and I think it’s a wonderful way to remind others of not only the immediacy in their own lives, but also reminds us of the impact we lose in our own lives and the lives of others when action is not taken.”

Described as a determined young woman with tenacity and grit, Tiffany Ajumobi is a senior at The Kinkaid School. As one of fifteen girls chosen to be a peer mentor, one of the highest responsibilities awarded to a senior, Tiffany, along with another peer mentor, is in charge of helping lead a group of ten freshmen through the social, emotional, and academic adjustments of high school. Her ready smile, quick wit, and infectious warmth make it possible for Tiffany to connect with the wide array of personalities in her group.

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