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By Connie Kwan-Wong

Beautiful inside and out.

All Women Deserve It!

Founder: Connie Kwan-Wong

CKW Message


We are all born with beautiful skin, and it is up to us to keep it that way by taking care of it. Skincare is very important not just for our health, but most especially for our over-all appearance. The easiest way to achieve the skin we always wanted—glowing and supple—is to use some effective products.

Besides having my medical background, I, Connie Kwan-Wong, have been in the skincare industry for 18 years. I have continued exploring new techniques and products in Europe, Australia, U.S. and Asia. From all the knowledge and experience I have acquired, I've created a skincare line that is effective, natural and easy to use. I believe, as women, we deserve to feel beautiful, inside and out.

Additionally, as an avid fashionista, I love helping women express themselves through beautiful clothes and accessories. My crystal clutches are unique, creative designs, which reflect each woman’s personality and style. A CKW crystal clutch is a singular statement of elegance and beauty that elevates and completes every woman’s look. Also, what set my collection apart is that I custom make these clutches for various charity events.

I strongly believe in giving back to the community, so I have decided to combine my two passions: beauty with charity. I will always donate part of my sales to charitable organizations. Current recipients of CKW proceeds are: Kids’ Meals, The Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation, Boys and Girls Harbor and Child Advocate. I believe inner beauty is as important as outer beauty, so I want to bring together the concept that looking pretty can also help us feel great by giving back to the community. 

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