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CKW LUXE is delighted to announce its Top 20 Impact Makers Honorees for 2023. We invite you to read about their many accomplishments here.

Also, don’t miss our upcoming issue, Winter/Fall 2023, which will feature our honorees.

Awards Presentation

Saturday, February 25, 2023, 6:30 P.M.

at Four Seasons Hotel Houston

For more information, please visit:

2023 Top 20 Impact Makers Awards

Host committee:

Dr. Peter and Honorable Theresa Chang, Dr. Diana Collins, Dr. William and Teresa Reading, Gule Andrabi, Farida Abjani, Flora and Francis Choy, Katya Dow, Brigitte Kalai,

Nat and Leela Krishnamurthy, and Jane Wagner

Honoring Twenty of Houston’s Most Dedicated Citizens

CKW LUXE looks to the future with hope with its prestigious Top 20 Impact Makers Awards Gala for 2023

The Celebration

On Saturday, February 25, 2023, the elegant Four Seasons Hotel Houston hosted twenty of the city’s most devoted philanthropists, and those who were there to celebrate them, for the 2023 CKW LUXE Top 20 Impact Makers Awards Gala. The important awards are bestowed annually upon power couples, dedicated sisters, and inspiring mother/father and daughter/son duos, women, men, and youth. Those honored with an Impact Makers Award are humanitarians who are generous in their support of others, dedicated to improving lives and living conditions, and devoted to finding better ways of helping. They have made an achievement that has had a positive impact on some area of the arts, science, education, humanitarianism, or medicine within our community.

Dr. Peter Chang and Honorable Theresa Chang, Dr. Diana Collins, William H. Reading MD and Teresa Reading RN, Gule Andrabi and Dr. Sara Andrabi, Farida Abjani, Francis Choy and Flora Choy, Katya Dow, Brigitte Kalai, Nat Krishnamurthy and Leela Krishnamurthy, and Jane B. Wagner formed the host committee for the festive evening. Gina Gaston of KTRK-TV, ABC 13 emceed.

The Story

Upon their arrival, the Four Seasons ballroom, awash in emerald green, had guests believing they had entered the Emerald City. As far as the eye could see, the opulent hue, a symbol of prosperity and renewal, was reflected in the cathedral-arch-inspired backdrop framing the stage to the floral arrangements and striking table décor. Gracing each chair, a copy of the latest issue of CKW LUXE magazine with its eye-catching cover, mirrored the evening’s colorful theme.

The Moments

Tommy Kuranoff, General Manager of Momentum BMW Southwest, was presented with a certificate of appreciation for the support the company has given CKW LUXE since its inception. Connie Kwan-Wong, publisher of CKW LUXE magazine, welcomed attendees and thanked them for their loyalty to the magazine and its goals. She also congratulated the evening’s honorees, thanking them for their many contributions to the City of Houston.

Before introducing the 2023 Impact Makers Honorees, Gaston invited former Top 20 Impact Makers Awards recipients to the stage. Past honorees in attendance were: Farida Abjani, Gule and Sara Andrabi, Astley Blair, Susan Boggio, Cheryl Byington, Dr. Andrea Caracostis, Dr. Peter Chang and Honorable Theresa Chang, Donna Cole, Dr. Diana Collins, Sidney Faust, Kinga Ferguson, Gina Gaston, Dr. Karen Gray, Leisa Holland-Nelson, Brigitte Kalai, Leela and Nat Krishnamurthy, Rozina Mohammad, Dr. Susan Snider Osterberg, Teresa Reading, Dr. William Reading, Cindi Rose, Sybil Roos, Leslie Siller, Nancy Li-Tarim and Dr. Soner Tarim, Betty Tutor and Jess Tutor, Hallie Vanderhider, Jane Wagner, Jerre Williams, Beth Wolff, and Clarease Yates.

The moment everyone was waiting for arrived when Gaston introduced CKW LUXE’s Top 20 Impact Makers for 2023 and Kwan-Wong presented them with their awards. Each award winner also received a certificate of appreciation from the City of Houston. The honors were bestowed by Sugar Land City Council member Carol McCutcheon and Houston City Council member Michael Kubosh.

CKW LUXE’s Top 20 Impact Makers for 2023

Top 20 Dedicated Sisters Impact Makers

Dr. Gurur Biliciler-Denktas and Dr. Suur Biliciler

Top 20 Inspiring Mother Daughter Duo Impact Makers

Sybil Friedenthal Roos and Ginger Bertrand

Top 20 Power Couple Impact Makers

Tanya B. Pal and Rick Pal

Chelsi Yates and Phillip Yates

Top 20 Inspiring Woman Impact Makers

Josie Aguilar

Nory Angel

Elsie Eckert

Harriet Gertner

Deborah Gordon

Cora Sue Mach

Rania Mankarious

Judi McGee

Roslyn Bazzelle Mitchell

Rani Puranik

Heidi Helton Rockecharlie

Vicki West

Sherri Zucker

Top 20 Inspiring Man Impact Makers

Dr. Majid Basit

Dr. Franklin Rose

Nasruddin Rupani

During the dinner break, honorees and attendees were treated to an outstanding performance by “Houston Elvis” performing Hound Dog and Fools Rush In. Houston Elvis delighted guests further by mingling with the crowd and posing for pictures with them. After the award presentations, “Epic Jackson” thrilled the audience by performing Thriller, Beat It, and Man in the Mirror. To close the ebullient night, guests remained for the after-party and had a chance to dance with the evening’s performers.

Kwan-Wong closed the event by once again thanking everyone for their attendance and ongoing encouragement.

CKW LUXE would like to express its sincere gratitude to the evening’s presenting sponsor, Momentum BMW Southwest. CKW LUXE would also like to thank its Wisdom Sponsors: Cora Sue Mach; Deborah Gordon - Memorial Hermann; Elsie Eckert and Sidney Faust; Sybil Friedenthal Roos and Ginger Bertrand, and the host committee. Thank you, also, to its Kindness Sponsors: Casa Dei Bambini – Petite Maison – Rosina Ali Mohammad and Sherri Zucker. And thank you to its Caring Sponsors: Friends of CKW, Dr. Gurur Biliciler-Denktas and Dr. Suur Biliciler, Heidi Helton Rockecharlie, Honorable Theresa Chang and Dr. Peter Chang, Nasruddin Rupani, Nory Angel – American Leadership Forum/Art Chavez, and Rani Puranik.

As well, CKW LUXE would like to express its appreciation to the event sponsors: Elevated AV Production, creating extraordinary events for all occasions; Petite Maison Montessori, providing exceptional education for young children; Gule Andrabi, educating children through Montessori teaching; William H. Reading MD and Teresa Reading RN, offering compassionate psychiatric services; Aging Gracefully, providing specialized services that give the right care at the right time; We Care Diana Collins MD, specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry; Dr. Danh Q. Le and Thanh Le, offering outstanding chiropractic and printing services; after-party sponsor, Brigitte Kalai; and M&V Decorations, designing spectacular event spaces.

Without the assistance of everyone above, the event would not have been the memorable success it was.

About CKW LUXE Magazine

CKW LUXE magazine is a philanthropic, inspirational, and quality living magazine. The three letters in our name, CKW, stand for Caring, Kindness, and Wisdom, encouraging us to CARE for one and all, treat everyone with KINDNESS, and be WISE in our understanding of others. The purpose of the magazine is to share enlightening stories that spread the message of love, hope, and positivity.

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